• Civil Service Compensation Policy
    Civil service

    Know how to define the appropriate 
    compensation policy fitting an
    institution context
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  • Civil service structure
    Civil service

    Design and harmonize the                 
    organizational fields
    constituting civil service
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  • Decentralized Cooperation Partnerships
    Decentralized Local Governance

    Know how to forge partnerships       
    and take advantage of multiple 
    layers of cooperation
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  • Decentralized Governance Policy Making
    Decentralized Local Governance

    Know how to formulate and              
    put into practice locally
    decentralized Governance
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  • Decision Making Techniques
    Institutional Performance

    Know how to make the right               
    decisions  fitting the context of 
    each institution
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  • Governance from below Foundation
    Governance from Below

    Know how to practice inclusive        
    governance from neighborhood
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  • Human Capital Strategic Management
    Civil service

    Know how to Optimize human           
    capital management

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  • Leaders Talk

    Know how to Learn from experience 
    sharing among leaders

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