Mekalfone Group 'MEG & Partners' is a support provider organization for sustainable development made of partners, expertise, and skills, mainly in the areas of management, innovative governance and digital services 

We work alongside with institutions in a team spirit approach through Win Win Partnerships fitting the local context. We therefore provide them with:

  • Efficient solutions to local development challenges
  • Sound implementation of local industrial projects or factories for wealth creation
  • Appropriate utilization of local human capital and local natural resources
  • Adaptation to local context

We promote convergence of multiple development initiatives and competence of staff, including trust building and social cohesion among the following stakeholders and target groups:

  • Local and National Government Institutions
  • Municipalities and local Professional Associations
  • Establishments and Private Sector Companies
  • Organizations Supporting Sustainable Development
  • Leaders and Human Resources involved in Development Process

Our working approach focuses on Result Based Management and Teambuiding around transfer of technology and partnerships for more engagement, inclusion, integration and proximity among the various stakeholders.